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hi@starmiss.comMr.Ren Yongliang

Who Found Starmiss

Starmiss is built by a team focus on astrology cultrue and application. We are devoted to provide a helpful astrology platform which provide astrological tools, forum, and professional consultant

What can starmiss give me?

There are thousands of explantion to Planets and Planets in Sign which is researched by Chinese Astrologist without any plagiarization. You could have a sign report of you and your friends and profeesional chart interpretaiton totally free.

How can I have a sign report or chart interpretaion ?

Visit the label of Your Sign/ Your Horoscope on the top, or the Banner of the Index. Then You will fill in your information which is well protected by our website. After finishing the inforamtion collction, You will have a report which is analyzed by our astrology system.

Why can`t I submit my information/ add a profile?

Please confirm that your profiles name is with proper letters and you have filled in all blanks. Make sure your birth and current location is in right spelling.

How can I unlock my sign report or edit my chart?

Please log in with your facebook acount. Then you can not only read your sign report and edit your chart, but also check your friends` analysis and submit your comment.

If I share my chart to others, will he/she observe my secret?

Do not worry! Your private imformation wil be compelely hiden. Besides, the sharing page will only cover the logo and a brave introduction of Starmiss as common facebook like.