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Venus horoscope Scorpio horoscope
Venus in Scorpio

Scorpio Venus is intense and deep. They have a strong willingness to commit to a relationship, and they will only accept all or nothing. They are totally dedicated and focused on you, and they come across as being fearless. They crave intimacy, and are capable of loving someone very deeply. Scorpio Venus possesses their partner, and makes the partner want to be possessed. They have the ability to give their partner their complete attention. This can be flattering to some people, while totally unnerving to others. While they probably won't admit it, a Venus in Scorpio person has a need to control their partner and the relationship. Their obsession may take all the fun out of the relationship. They take everything to the extreme, which can be attractive.

Li Pengfang

You have deep feelings and strong desire. You are charming in sex, moving with mystery and being sensitive to others. It is easy for you to feel abandoned or rebelled when being rejected due to your extreme way of socializing. You may be lack of security, tending to be self tortured. You can easily reflect your jealous and true yourself when deal with love issues. Besides, you are short of reason and carefulness, easy to be impulsive. You have clear definition of love and hate. It is likely for you to be cruel to your partner when there is an misunderstanding in your relationships.

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