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Venus horoscope Sagittarius horoscope
Venus in Sagittarius

Sagittarius Venus likes to learn new things all the time, and when they are in a relationship, they want someone that will help them grow and expand their range of experience. Idealistic, they want a partner who appreciates all the things they do… their beliefs, their goals, their visions. Both light-hearted and serious, a person with a Venus in Sagittarius can be a bit confusing at times. They don't commit as easily as some others, since they like to roam. Sagittarius Venus is always having a good time. They are friendly and flirtatious, and they are great at entertaining others. While they take pride in their open-mindedness, they can also be rather judgmental. They don't like dull routine, inhibitions or overly emotional scenes. They are restless, and won't last long with someone who insists on dwelling on the same thing.

Dirk Lee

You are idealistic in feelings, bright, forthright and humorous. You may be skilled at socializing even flirting. There are many friends around you because of your honesty, friendliness and extrovert. You like hiking and travel, and may choose your partner who is philosophic, educated and knowledgeable, attracted by person who has different culture with you. Sometimes you may show your emotion and behavior in an objective and acceptable way.

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