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Sun horoscope Scorpio horoscope
Sun in Scorpio

Sun Sign Scorpio are imaginative and have strong powers of reason. They are adept at using their intuition, and have a good handle on critical and analytical skills. They can be obsessive, which can give them the potential for genius. They may give the impression of being aloof or withdrawn when in truth they don't miss a single detail of what is happening around them. Nothing is forgotten; it is merely filed away to be used when it is most advantageous.

Dirk Lee

You are determined, aggressive, shrewd and sometimes extreme. You have a keen judgment and opinion with insight, which make you a truth seeker and easy to control others mind. You tend to be bluntness as being challenged. Not only defense, you also have great foresight to solve and defuse a variety of problems decisively. Beside shadow, force and appetite, your personality also have enthusiasm, energy, direction. You have the nature of serious thinking of life, scorn the superficial attitude such as over optimistic. Besides, you are humor and skilled in satire. It has to be noticed that you may easy to fall into self destruction, over restrain and ideologism.

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