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Sun horoscope Pisces horoscope
Sun in Pisces

The Pisces Sun Sign personality is spiritual, compassionate and full of unconditional love. They believe that everyone is connected, no matter their differences. They may be psychic, or at least feel a part of the universal consciousness. They are emotional and instinctual. Easily discouraged, they may find themselves feeling unappreciated, so they just pack up and move on to something else.

Hugo Hernandez

You are a dreamer with kindness, tolerance and geniality. You do not want to hurt anyone but are easy to be affected and are difficult to make any decision. It is hard for you to overcome the mentality which you want to avoid troubles. You are creative, intelligent, mysterious, and even unrealistic because of inaction. It seems like that you are lack of confidence but can finish many task by your own way. Besides, you are very popular, skilled in treating people in trouble. You like animals. Comparing with others, people in Pisces can turn their weakness to strength, or conversely. You are nature a sentimental person, easily sinking into depression, self pity and escapism.

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