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Sun horoscope Libra horoscope
Sun in Libra

The Libra Sun Sign is sensitive to others' needs, especially with their partners, with whom they may share an almost psychic bond. They are happiest as part of a couple. They abhor violence, cruelty and crudeness. Conflict drives them crazy. They will bend over backwards to make peace until they can't handle it any longer and blow their top. One of their problems is they may get that lid put back on before they've released all their anger and tension, so they are destined to explode again at a later date. They may swing back and forth between rudeness and gentleness because of this aspect.

Li Pengfang

You are a natural diplomatist, knowing how to compromise. Your label is grace which make you charming and sociable. Calm and harmony is important to you, which may cause trouble to reach that state. Your decision making may fall into two contrast condition: comprehensive or uncertain. Besides, you want to be fair to everything although sometimes you may be over critical. In the case of having insight into different sides of issues, you always analyze carefully, perhaps causing some delays. You perform well when feel relax and happy. On the contrary, depression will make you at loss.

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