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Sun horoscope Capricorn horoscope
Sun in Capricorn

Self-confident, calm and hardworking, the Capricorn Sun Sign personality is practical, responsible and persistent. If someone starts a project and drops the ball, Capricorn Sun Sign sees it through to the end. Those born under this Sign will be experts at finding the right resources that are needed and make the best out of it. They may be perceived as stuffy or rigid and so they need to learn to bend when life doesn't go the way they want. Sometimes their seriousness can make them appear unhappy and they can be difficult to approach because they look so formal and aloof. In reality, they are just cautious.

Li Pengfang

You are ambitious, careful, serious, calm and concentrate. Being practical and responsible, you have strong self-control yet pessimistic and indifferent. Great deduction ability makes you be sharp to your target. You have mature and serious attitude to life, knowing the connection between human and the universe. Besides, you tend to become an no-error conservative, thrifty and refusing squander. You are determined an patient, seeking for achievement known by people, afraid of denying. With personal social responsibility, only stable status and power can give you security.

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