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NorthNode horoscope Leo horoscope
NorthNode in Leo

The traditional interpretation of north node in leo is the ability to realize one’s desires. It also connotes good taste and a liking for the finer things in life. The Dragon’s Tail in Aquarius indicates someone who is easily lied to and has trouble discriminating. It may foretell infidelity on the part of the individual or his/her partner. As the north node in leo, you incarnated in this lifetime to learn the value of creating a life for yourself. Once you set sail for a certain course, little can stop you. You are determined and are capable of great fortitude. Begin your journey and others may follow you, for you have strong leadership ability. It is not uncommon for someone with this nodal position to live a rags to riches story.

Li Pengfang

You may be an objective, calm and observant scientist. You prefer to be an outsider due to your apathetic character in this life. Your mission is to learn to generate your dream, chasing for what makes you happy. Only when you recognize your inner desire, could you finally make the grade.

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