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NorthNode horoscope Cancer horoscope
NorthNode in Cancer

Traditionally, the north node in cancer has been considered a lucky placement. It gives good judgment and insight. However, the corresponding South Node in Capricorn signifies a high strung nature and trouble with love relationships. Key words for the North Node in Cancer are domesticity and mothering. Many famous individuals with the north node in cancer placement are known for their home life or work with children, such as Maria Montessori, Mia Farrow, Brad Pitt, Joseph Kennedy, Michelle Obama, and Sarah Palin. Sometimes heavy family responsibilities manifest in your life to help you develop the nurturing and emotional qualities you incarnated to experience.

Hugo Hernandez

You may be a powerful man who constrain himself, desiring loyalty and being strategic in previous life. What is important to you in this life is to relieve your burden. You may be satisfied in emotion when you can start from tiny things, facing your vulnerable part.

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