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Moon horoscope Pisces horoscope
Moon in Pisces

Those born with a Pisces Moon will often have strong psychic abilities. They find it easy to walk a mile in someone else's shoes and are amazingly compassionate and full of love. Unfortunately, this capacity also makes it easy for them to lose themselves in others' problems. They are natural romantics, and never forget a gift on Valentine's Day or someone's birthday. They have a wonderfully silly sense of humor that some may find a bit off-base. Pisces Moon appears to know all the nuances of human behavior. They are easily amused. They may be labelled as "spaced out," but they are deeper than most people think. They are easily misunderstood since they often get lost in their dreams. Without the time to drift, Pisces Moon can become overwhelmed with reality. They can easily become despondent by those around them if they are not careful.

Dirk Lee

You have a great sense of human’s nature and you can understand everyone’s feelings. However, the naive part of your character may block you from seeing people’s weakness. Because of your sharp sense , it is easy for you to get hurt from relationships. You may lack of humor and common sense. You always lie to yourself that everything only has it good side, which may annoyed you when you see the truth. Besides, you have the talent of music, poem and art. People’s emotion and feelings may pour into your mind unconsciously which may hurt you as well. You may tend to be backward and lonely to protect yourself. You have rich imagination which may bring you marvelous production of poem, music and art.

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