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Mercury in Scorpio

Mercury in Scorpio likes to get to the heart of things… and they are very good at it. They are talented at seeing the truth and they are fearless about going where others fear to tread. A human surveillance camera, Scorpio Mercury can see through almost subterfuge. They hate superficiality. They may come across as suspicious and negative. Mercury in Scorpio is passionate, and this comes through when they communicate. They usually want to help others, and may even share some of the insights they have… as long as they are about other people, not themselves. Their observation skills are beyond the pale, and more often than not have seen something others have missed.

Dirk Lee

You have strong instinct to understand issues which is hard to interpret. In this case, you may always criticize people’s motivation. You are skilled at finding truth, showing your character of mean and unable of being euphemistic. You tend to express your real feelings otherwise keeping silence. Moreover, you may not like communication when conduct a plan secretly unless the conversation can help you reaching your target. You may tend to be hesitate which is caused by your personal emotions. Only dealing with few emotion factors, you can be slightly fair and objective. You are determined and have clever mind that may help you conquer many tasks which is difficult to others. Your talent may show the aspect of crafty, calculating and unmotivated.

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