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Mercury horoscope Pisces horoscope
Mercury in Pisces

Gentle in their communications, Mercury in Pisces has a pleasing, soft touch. They are almost poetic. They are not detail oriented… instead they are caught up with feelings, emotions and moods around them. They can get a very clear picture from their surroundings. Mercury in Pisces is a great listener and makes a great conversationalist. They can be moody and this can extend into their writing as well. They are unpredictable and it is difficult to determine what their mood will be at any given time. They may tell you what they think you want to hear. They do this to make you as comfortable as possible.

Hugo Hernandez

Your world is complicated, natural, even off-form. People may worry about you while you do not concern yourself at all. You might be hard to be understood when narrate a matter. It is weird that you can get people’s real thought without communications. You imaginative, creative, emotional, sensitive and instinctive, which may bring you a good career in art or religion.

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