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Mars horoscope Capricorn horoscope
Mars in Capricorn

Mars in Capricorn is orderly and subdued. They like to be in control of their life. They are determined, but they keep everything low-key. They like to be on top of things in their life. They like to set their goals and focus on achieving them. They are not flamboyant, but they can be ambitious. They want to be secure, and they will do whatever it takes to succeed. When Capricorn Mars is angry, it is a level-headed, cool type of anger. They have a strong sense of self-control that encompasses all areas of their life. They don't like to see anything go to waste. They are afraid of letting loose and getting out of control.

Hugo Hernandez

You may hide your energy and volition, never pushing others yet persisting your own principles. Having great self-discipline and ambition, you tend to make a complete plan before conducting any works. Therefore, you may not be stopped until achieving the result you want. You have a great chance to be successful in careers such as businessman or chief adviser. Besides, You may need to be careful about the potential injures in your joint.

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