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Mars horoscope Aquarius horoscope
Mars in Aquarius

Mars in Aquarius is a bit difficult to figure out. And they like it that way because they like to surprise others. They find conventional methods boring and look for new, innovational ways to accomplish their goals. They are original and unique. Aquarius Mars is proud of their own independence. They wouldn't have it any other way. They can stand up for themselves quite well. While open-minded and progressive, they can be surprisingly stubborn. They don't like to feel trapped… it will make them rebellious. If they know you've found a pattern in their behavior, they are sure to change it!

Li Pengfang

You think highly of your principle and have a modern appearance. You are apathetic, talented and skillful, counting more on thinking than action. Facing challenge calmly, You may be a good leader. You tend to look down upon tradition unless it is really logical. Besides, you are brave to do experiment and innovation in sex rations while you may be lack of intimate contact with your partners. You may feel dissatisfied about current life and in need of building new orders. Seeking for abnormality or unusual behavior, you may want to be free of any limitations. You are knowledgeable and good at organizing, which make you a good career in mechanic or electronics. You may have great achievement with group cooperation.

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